Things You Need to Know About Making A Plastic Injection Mold


What is plastic injection mold, how much does an injection mold cost, and how are injection molds made? Find answers for these questions.

Minimize Your Cost of Injection Molding with Basic Know-How

Cost of injection molding - HVR MAG

Understanding the basic know-how that determins the majority of the cost of injection molding enables us to minimize our budget on it.

How Injection Molding Rate Affects Your Molding Process and Productivity?

molded parts by plastic injection molding machine

Selecting an ideal injection rate of injection molding machine, sets an appropriate foothold between product quality and production quantity of injection molded parts.

Injection Molding Basics – What Is It & How Does It Work

plastic parts produced by injection molding machine

Getting to know the basics of injection molding can help you gain a bigger view of the plastic industry and manage your injection molding process.

How Clamp Tonnage Affects Your Injection Molding Process?

how clamp tonnage affects your injection molding process

Excessive or insufficient clamp tonnage for injection molding machine can cause damages and problems to the parts, mold and the machine.

What Is Tonnage in Injection Molding and How Is It Calculated?

injection molding tonnage calculation

What is tonnage in injection molding and how to calculate it – are things we need to figure out before deciding the right tonnage of IMM for your process.

Operational Conditions for HVR MAG Quick Mold Change System

plastic injection molding machine

Learn about the operational conditions of HVR MAG quick mold change system for injection molding machines, can do more good to your machine and the molding process.

An Installation Guide to Quick Mold Change System

A guide to the things that should be noticed and prepared before starting the installation of HVR MAG’s quick mold change system, could be beneficial to your injection molding machine.

Staubli Magnetic Mold Clamping System VS HVR MAG Magnetic Mold Clamping System

Comparison of magnetic mold clamping system for injection molding from Staubli and HVR MAG, the latter provides a more versatile range of mold clamp applications.

Comparison of Mold Clamping Systems for Injection Molding – Mechanical, Hydraulic, Magnetic

manual mold change for injection molding machine

Understanding the basic features of mold clamping systems for injection molding – mechanical, hydraulic, magnetic, can help you choose the proper quick mold clamping system that best suits your machine to gain maximized productivity | HVR MAG