Application of the magnetic quick mold change system

workers changing mold manually - HVR MAG

Magnetic quick mold change technology originated in Japan and was initially applied to automobile manufacturers to achieve magnetic quick mold change. In the 1980s, China began to develop a magnetic quick mold change system for presses and injection molding machines. After decades of development, it has grown from scratch, and now has formed a relatively mature magnetic quick mold change system.

quick mod change system - HVR MAG
Efficient mold changeover, quick mold change system – HVR MAG

Magnetic quick mold change system has been around for many years, mainly finding acceptance in the china in the automotive injection molding industry. But other industries have installed magnets, including medical, consumer products and the mobile home sector.

As one of the main application industries for magnetic quick mold change system, the importance of the automotive market is self-evident. The automotive industry has been in a downturn in the past two years, many customers in the automotive industry have begun to use magnetic quick mold change system to change molds due to the industry’s high requirements for quality, efficiency, and labor. Especially the supporting enterprises in the automobile industry, whether it is interior parts or exterior parts, must provide qualified products for different models.

workers changing mold manually - HVR MAG

Take the example of a 3,300-ton injection molding machine that produces automobile bumpers as an example. The traditional mold change method requires 2-3 workers and takes several hours to complete. After using the injection molding machine magnetic quick mold change system provided by HVR magnetic Co.,Ltd, only one worker is needed, and mold change can be realized in 3 minutes, the mold change time is greatly reduced, and the entire mold change time is reduced by 90%.

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In the electronics, medical and other industries, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to magnetic quick mold change system. Generally speaking, the injection molding machines used in these industries are small and medium-sized machines with high mold change frequency and high product quality requirements. Some even require that it is produced in a dust-free environment, so the magnetic quick mold/ die change system for IMM caters to their production requirements.

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