Manufacturing Process of Mold Clamp Magnetic Platen

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An industrialisation process of mold clamp magnetic platen, guarantees reliability and performance of plastic injection molding process. Combining durability, safety, ease of use and efficiency, HVR MAG‘s magnet clamp is…

Basics About Vertical Injection Molding Machine | HVR MAG – Magnetic Mold Clamp


What Is Vertical Injection Molding Machine?Vertical injection molding machines function the same as traditional horizontal machines, however they are orientated to operate on the vertical axis. The injection mechanism is…

Injection Molding Clamping Unit – Definition/Types/Comparison

What Is Injection Molding Clamping Unit? A clamping unit for an IMM is used to keep the mold shut against the forces developed when injection pressure pushes plastic into the…

FAQ About Quick Mold Change System – PART Ⅰ

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HVR MAG would like to answer some frequently asked questions about Magnetic Quick Mold Change for Injection Molding Machine.

Factors to Consider When Designing the Mold Clamping Force of Magnetic Platens

Magnetic mold clamping system supplier, HVR MAG explains the design factors of the mold clamping force of magnetic platens. Before getting straight to the point, we need to learn about the mold…

46mm Magnetic Platens on HAITIAN 600/1000/1200 Ton Injection Molding Machines

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It is widely understood that reduction of mold changing time can lead to an overall improvement in productivity in injection molding. As a professional manufacturer and provider of quick mold…

What Are The Types of Injection Moulding Processes?

How many types of injection moulding process are there? What are the different types of injection moulding process? Magnetic platen manufacture explains.

Magnetic Platens – HVR MAG’s Advantages over Staubli/Tecnomagnete/EAS

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Through comparing magnetic platens manufactured by different suppliers – Staubli, Tecnomagnete, EAS and HVR MAG, to learn about HVR MAG’S advantages on injection molding mold change.

Cycle Time in Injection Molding – Importance & Ways to Reduce

What is cycle time in injection molding? Find out more about the importance of injection molding cycle time and possible ways to reduce it.

Injection Molding Machine (IMM) – Definition & Types | HVR MAG

Injection Moulding Machine Definition & Types

What is an injection molding machine? How many types of IMM are there? Check this article out to get answers for these questions.