An Application Case of Quick Die Change for Metal Pressing

quick die change for matal press

A manufacturer from Conghua, in Guangdong Province, specializing in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other metal pressing parts and aluminum profiles, adopted our HQMC System for quick die change. The factory uses presses to manufacture automobile metal accessories and parts. 

In this case, the main problems faced by our customers are: 1. manual die changes that are time-consuming and labor-intensive; 2. frequent die changes in small batch production run resulting in long downtime; 3. and low production capacity that cannot keep up with demand.

HVR MAG then custom designed magnetic platens for die clamping according to the customer’s specific machine parameters and working environment. After receipt of our quick die change magnetic platens, the customer installed them immediately and tried out with excellent results.
For a better visualization of the quick die change process and results, please watch the video:

How do our magnetic clamping platens help?
The press operation principle: presses are processed by loading pressing dies. The dies consist of two pieces: one is mounted on the upper clamping platen, and the other is in the pillow section of the press. During manufacturing, the customer requires fast, stable, and accurate die changeover.

Our magnetic clamping platens were mounted on the pressing machine, clamping the die accurately and forcefully. What’s more, the magnetic clamping force is evenly loaded on the back of the die. That’s why it prevents the deformation of the die and helps stabilize the metal stamping quality.
No worries since the system is suitable for any shape and size of existing dies. And our customer is very satisfied with the reduced cycle and changeover times.

The only drawback is that the die change workers at our customer’s site still use forklifts as a die lifter, which needs to be improved in terms of safety. We hope shortly this situation will be improved with the development and prosperity of the client’s businesses. 


Why did the client choose us?
According to our client, they have learned about our products and brand HVR MAG from the Internet. Before that, they have also seen the hazards of unstable clamping and even die falling due to use of inferior electro-permanent magnetic die changing clamps by some of their industry peers. They decided to choose us because they knew that we had been working with large companies, such as Haitian and Yizumi and had a good reputation for the quality of our product both at home and abroad.
Thanks to our client’s choice, we also hope to continue to provide quick die change solution for metal pressing in automotive industry that will continue to meet the needs of the market.

Through many years’ efforts of HVR MAG people, The HQMC System has been widely applied to presses, plastic injection machines, and die-casting machines, and has been a valuable asset and well received by the industry. The [Quick Die Change System] is becoming an essential standard on equipment, enabling industrial manufacturers to achieve rapid production and adapt to the fierce competition in the market. If any questions, please click to get a free consultation. 

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