Types of Mold Clamping for Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machine

When it comes to injection molding machines, the clamping mechanism plays a crucial role in securely holding the mold during the injection process. Three commonly used clamping methods are hydraulic clamping, toggle clamping, and electro permanent magnetic clamping. Each method has its own unique characteristics, advantages, and applications. In this article, we will delve into these three clamping methods to understand their working principles and benefits.

Hydraulic Clamping

Hydraulic clamping is a widely used clamping method in many injection molding machines. It utilizes hydraulic cylinders to generate the clamping force required to hold the mold tightly closed. The hydraulic system provides precise control over the clamping force and allows for easy adjustment according to the specific requirements of the product being manufactured. Hydraulic clamping is often found in high-end machines due to its ability to deliver high-precision results. Furthermore, it offers excellent repeatability and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Advantages of Hydraulic Clamping:

Precise and adjustable clamping force;

High repeatability and accuracy;

Versatile and adaptable for various applications;

Reliable and effective even in demanding production environments.

Toggle Clamping

Toggle clamping, also known as a toggle mechanism, is a cost-effective clamping method commonly utilized in small to medium-sized injection molding machines. It utilizes mechanical links and pivots in a toggle system to generate the clamping force required to hold the mold. Toggle clamping offers high-speed operation, making it suitable for processes that require quick mold opening and closing cycles. It is known for its efficiency, compact design, and ease of use.

Advantages of Toggle Clamping:

Cost-effective solution for smaller machines;

High-speed operation and shorter cycle times;

Compact design, saving space in the manufacturing setup;

Simple and user-friendly operation.

Electro Permanent Magnetic ClampingInjection mold clamping

Electro permanent magnet combines the advantages of both electromagnetic and permanent magnetic technologies. It utilizes an array of electromagnets that generate a strong magnetic field when energized. Once the magnetic field is established, it is maintained without a continuous power supply. Electro permanent magnetic clamping offers energy efficiency, high precision, and quick mold changes. The magnetic field securely holds the mold in place during the injection and cooling process and is deactivated when the molding cycle is complete, allowing for easy mold removal.

Advantages of Electro Permanent Magnetic Clamping:

Energy-efficient operation, reducing power consumption;

High precision and repeatability for consistent part quality;

Quick and easy mold changes, minimizing downtime;

Increased safety by eliminating power failure risks and accidental mold release.


In summary, hydraulic clamping, toggle clamping, and electro permanent magnetic clamping are three prominent clamping methods used in injection molding machines. Each method offers distinct advantages and is suitable for different applications based on factors such as precision requirements, production volume, and cost considerations. Assessing the specific clamping requirements and consulting industry experts or manufacturers will help determine the most appropriate clamping system for injection molding machine.

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