What is SMED and Equipment for Quick Mold Change

SMED for injection molding machine

What is SMED?

SMED, which stands for Single-Minute Exchange of Die, is a groundbreaking lean manufacturing technique that originated in Japan in the early 1950s. SMED aims to minimize setup times to less than 10 minutes, ideally achieving a single-digit minute setup time. Initially employed in automotive manufacturing, SMED enabled Toyota to reduce product changeover times from four hours to a mere three minutes.

As market competition intensifies, especially in industries like automotive and plastics manufacturing, where product lifecycles are shorter and product variety is higher, the need for efficient changeover processes becomes paramount. Quick mold change systems have emerged as a crucial component of SMED, particularly in plastic injection molding.

Equipment for Quick Mold Change: Enhancing Efficiency and Flexibilitymagnetic quick mold change system for SMED

In the realm of plastic injection molding, the rapid evolution of products and the proliferation of product variants have necessitated frequent mold changes. This increased frequency of mold changes leads to significant downtime, adversely impacting production efficiency and machine utilization rates. To address these challenges, innovative solutions such as the magnetic quick mold change system have been developed.

Magnetic Quick Mold Change System: This cutting-edge system utilizes advanced magnetic circuit technology and pulse discharge technology. By controlling the magnetic circuit distribution electrically, it enables the rapid attachment and detachment of molds, with the clamping and releasing process taking just a few seconds. It ensures strong and consistent magnetic force, eliminating the risk of mold detachment due to power failure or magnetic decay over time.

By streamlining changeover processes and enhancing operational efficiency, these systems empower manufacturers to meet the demands of dynamic markets while maximizing productivity and profitability. For more information, please contact HVR MAG at export@hvrmagnet.com

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