Is There Electric Hazard with Magnetic Quick Mold Change System?

magnetic quick mold change system in injection molding machine

The advent of magnetic quick mold change system revolutionized the mold clamping process in plastics injection molding, offering unparalleled efficiency and safety. However, concerns regarding electric hazards with these systems persist. Let’s delve into the safety aspects of electro permanent magnetic technology employed in these systems.

The electro permanent magnetic control system utilizes electrical energy for a mere 0.6 to 2 seconds during magnetization and demagnetization processes. Once magnetization or demagnetization is successful, the electro permanent magnets disconnect entirely from the controller, rendering them in a completely non-electrified state.

During the adhesion process, no electrical energy is required. Instead, the magnets utilize permanent magnetism to adhere to ferromagnetic materials, eliminating the risk of detachment in the event of sudden power loss or cable damage. This inherent safety feature ensures that the system remains steadfast and secure, even in challenging operational conditions.magnetic platen for injection mold clamping

Furthermore, electro permanent magnets are capable of generating powerful suction forces of up to 16kg/cm2, which do not diminish over time. This sustained strength provides a level of safety and reliability that is unmatched by traditional clamping systems.

Moreover, the internal components of electro permanent magnets contain no moving parts, ensuring simplicity, speed, and durability in operation. With no maintenance required, these systems offer practicality and longevity, contributing to a seamless manufacturing process.

Additionally, the coils operate on a short-time duty cycle, eliminating any risk of overheating. The insulation of the coils consists of four layers, resulting in insulation resistance exceeding 1000MΩ, effectively preventing any leakage current.

In conclusion, the magnetic quick mold change system, utilizing electro permanent magnetic technology, offers a high level of safety. Its minimal use of electrical energy during operation, along with robust adhesion and insulation measures, ensures the reliability and security necessary for industrial applications. For more information, please contact HVR MAG at

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