How Do Magnetic Platens Work Under High Temperature?

injection molding machine with magnetic platen

Magnetic clamping system has emerged as a useful tool to enhance efficiency and accuracy in injection molding process. This system comprises two sets of electro permanent magnetic platens, with one set fixed in the base and the other set movable. This type of magnet is known as “electro permanent” because it needs electrical power only during the magnetization and demagnetization processes.

How Does Temperature Influence Magnetic Platens?

When a magnet is exposed to heat, the particles within the magnet start moving faster and more erratically, causing the magnetic domains to become misaligned. This results in a reduction in the magnet’s magnetic field strength.

Thus, while the mold is under high temperature, the attraction force of magnetic platen might weaken.

Can Magnetic Platens Work While the Mold is Under High Temperature?

While mold is under high temperature, the magnet may be effected. In order to prevent magnetic platens incapacitated by contacting high temperature area, temperature detection is essential. If the actual contact temperature exceeds the set value, the temperature detection sensor will send out a warning signal and force the injection molding machine to stop any operation.

Magnetic flux detection is also necessary. During the operation of the magnetic quick mold change system, the controller has magnetization force detection function. The success signal will only appear when the magnetization intensity reaches safety standards. Otherwise, the fault signal will flash. At the same time, magnetic flux detection sensors are present throughout the magnet contact area. If the magnetic flux sensor detects a slight decrease in magnetic flux, the controller will report a warning signal and stop the automatic operation of the injection molding machine.magnetic platen

Max Operating Temperature

The maximum operating temperature of magnetic platens varies depending on the material, with some capable of reaching temperatures as high as 180°C. However, it is recommended to select a specific type of magnetic platen based on the specific requirements of the injection molding process in order to save costs.

It’s also worth noting that the distance detector should also be heat resisting. This sensor can detect the distance between magnetic platens and the mold.

Recommendation of Magnetic Platen Supplier

HVR MAG magnetic platens all come standard with temperature and magnetic flux sensor, ensuring safety.

Besides, our distance detector are more resistant to high temperatures and collisions.


Magnetic platens provide not only a quick mold change solution for injection molding but also ensure safety during operation.

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