Comparison of Mold Clamping Systems for Injection Molding – Mechanical, Hydraulic, Magnetic

manual mold change for injection molding machine

Understanding the basic features of mold clamping systems for injection molding – mechanical, hydraulic, magnetic, can help you choose the proper quick mold clamping system that best suits your machine to gain maximized productivity | HVR MAG

Magnetic Platens for Quick Mold / Die Change

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Introduction of magnetic platens Magnetic platens, or sometimes referred as magnetic clamping plates, are mounted in injection molding machines or metal stamping press machines for quick mold / die change….

8 Safety Attributes of HVR MAG Quick Mold Change System

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Utilizing magnetic clamping technology in providing magnetic mold clamping solutions – quick mold change system, for plastic injection molding machine, HVR MAG helps make the mold changeover more efficient and cost-effective.

Magnetic clamping system designs difference between TECNOMAGNETE and HVR MAG

Magnetic clamping plates for 1500 ton injection molding machine - HVR MAG

With the shortening of plastic product life cycle and the increasing demand of customization, forcing factories to adapt to a mode of production with less quantity and more variety, especially…

Application of the magnetic quick mold change system

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Magnetic quick mold change technology originated in Japan and was initially applied to automobile manufacturers to achieve magnetic quick mold change. In the 1980s, China began to develop a magnetic…

1500T magnetic clamping system installed on tederic injection machine,Harrison Manufacturing (HM)

Harrison Manufacturing (HM) is a custom manufacturing company specializing in molded plastics and light assembly. Established in 2005, HM is family-owned and operated. HM is located in in the southeastern United…