Unveiling A New Trick for Punching Press Die Change, Magnetic Quick Die Change System

Magnetic quick die change system for stamping press - HVR MAG

For either a punching press machine or a forging machine, it is inevitable that the mold must be changed(replaced) frequently during the production process. The length of time spent on die changing varies due to the size, weight, and the complexity of the mold. At the early stage of die replacement, manual operations and general lifting tools, are used to take the mold out of the working area of the machine, and then put a new mold for the next workpiece into it. When the number of product changes and the mold set-up increases, the utilization time of the machine decreases. Die changeovers can be extremely time-consuming. Under such circumstances, the introduction of magnetic quick die change system is catching on with a growing range of injection molders and are gaining popularity on large presses in the world.

Magnetic quick die change system for stamping press - HVR MAG

HVR MAG magnetic quick die change system for punch press, simple (no moving parts) and fast, is composed of magnetic platens, electric control cabinet and Human Machine Interface(operation interface). The die is clamped by magnetic force which can be applied or removed in less than a second. This system has no special requirements on die standard, featured with easy installation & operation, security and stability(due to the electro permanent magnetic technology applied)

With HVR MAG magnetic quick die change system, you can enjoy enormous economic benefits, directly or indirectly.

Direct Benefits:

Reduced die change time(more than 90% saved)→Diverse product production→Reduced Inventory→Improved productivity & quality→Reduced labor costs

Indirect Benefits:

Mold standardization→Press standardization→Increasing Operation safety→Prompt delivery→    Improving working condition and environment

In other words, the improvement of die change efficiency is equivalent to the enhancement of overall corporate competitiveness!

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