Can Magnetic Mold Clamping System Reduce Mold Change Time?


The magnetic mold clamping system is a device that is attached to the injection moulding machine. It can clamp and secure the injection mould. So that the mould is precisely closed during the injection process without loosening, dropping or being misaligned. At the same time, the magnetic clamping system greatly reduces mould changeover time. It is also called Quick Mould Change System.

The traditional way of clamping the mould

Because the injection moulding machine is supplied with a back plate to mount the mould in a very cumbersome operation. Without a magnetic mould changing system, the mould changing process has to be carried out by experienced workers. There are two types of mould mounting: bolting and platen mounting. For bolted moulds, the depth of the tapped hole is normally not less than 1.3 times the outside diameter. Only this can ensure that the mould is effectively fixed. When using a press plate, it is important to check that the thickness of the press plate, pad and mould are the same. So that they are in the same plane. A slight deviation will affect the amount of force applied to the mould. If the force is not uniform, the mould will be prone to wear during use, affecting the quality of the finished product.

How do magnetic mold clamping system work?

These problems can be avoided by using the Magnetic Mold Clamping System. It consists of two magnetic plates with a control and operating panel. The clamping method is very simple: install magnetic plates on both sides of injection mold maching. Once the mould is positioned, the magnetisation process is carried out and the mould is then held firmly by the magnetic plates.



A series of electro-permanent magnetic poles are neatly arranged on the magnetic template. It is designed to ensure that the mould is evenly loaded. With a magnetic suction force of 16kg per square centimetre. The strong magnetic force ensures the security and stability of the mould. The penetration depth of the electro-permanent magnet is less than 20mm and does not affect the centre of the mould in any way.

Can Magnetic Mold Clamping System reduce the mold change cycle time?

With a magnetic mold clamping system, all that is required is for the operator to align the mould with the positioning holes and the rest of the process is completed at the control panel. If the mould change process is standardised, it is not difficult to achieve a fast mould change in 3 minutes. The HVR MAG’s magnetic clamping system with distance, temperature and misalignment detection provides quick feedback on mould status after mould change without the need for additional commissioning. If the parameters of the injection moulding machine have been set in advance, the magnetic quick-change system is ready for injection moulding as soon as magnetisation is complete. Effectively increase the capacity of your injection moulding machine.

Therefore, the magnetic mold clamping system not only reduces mould change times, but also improves the safety of mould clamping and the uniformity of the forces applied to the mould. This makes your injection moulding machine production more efficient and the quality of your products more consistent. To find out more about magnetic mold clamping systems and HVR MAG, please contact us at:

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