Magnetic Mold Clamps for Injection Mold Manufacturing

magnetic mold clamps for injection mold manufacturing

As a mature and professional supplier of magnetic mold clamping systems to plastic injection molding and injection mold manufacturers all over the world, HVR MAG is sharing an application case of magnetic mold clamps for injection mold manufacturing here.

Background information

The customer, located in South China, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in designing and manufacturing various types of precision molds. And they provide thermoset material toilet flaps and precision dampers to many well-known global bathroom brand companies.

As the equipment aged, our customer was ready for technological innovation and equipment renewal. The original hydraulic and manual mold change method obviously could not keep up with the times, and cannot enhance the market competitiveness. Especially in this era of short, flat, and fast, the injection molding industry increasingly requires the production of small batches and fast updates.
So after some market understanding, the customer finally laid their eyes on the magnetic quick mold change. By comparing different magnetic clamp manufacturers in Shandong, Jiangsu, and Hunan Provinces, the customer finally settled on us, HVR MAG.
The tonnage of the plastic injection molding machines is not big, 180 tons, 120 tons, and 85 tons.

How do the magnetic mold clamps help?

After installing the HQMC system, the mold change time has been largely reduced, together with the manpower cost. The workers now enjoy more of the magnetic quick mold. They say the job becomes relaxing and their hands are cleaner. They no longer have to regularly check and change the hydraulic fluid. What have gotten cleaner together are the products.
After a while, they also found that our magnetic clamping system is very energy efficient. Excluding the power consumption of the whole injection molding machine, the power consumption of the magnetic clamping system is very low.
So the efficiency of injection mold manufacturing has improved. And they will also enjoy higher mold durability.
Looking for more information about magnetic mold clamps? Whether you are an injection molds manufacturer, or a plastic injection molding manufacturer, you can always send a message to us:

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