How Magnetic Quick Mold Change System has become a Mainstream Product for Injection Molding Machines?

How magnetic quick mold change has become mainstream?

How magnetic quick mold change system has become a mainstream product for injection molding machines? Quick mold change is the development direction of the worldwide injection molding industry. In recent years, the Chinese market has changed significantly and the technology has been upgraded rapidly. So it is impossible to win in the current market situation simply by relying on cheap labor and low-cost resources. At present, what customers pay most attention to is not the price factor, but the production efficiency and product performance. Enterprises need to upgrade their technology to achieve greater added value.

Magnetic quick mold change mainly refers to electro-permanent magnets. Relying on permanent magnetic force to hold the mold, can avoid the danger of the mold falling off. That means no mold falling off when the power is suddenly cut off or the trailing wire is damaged. The predictable permanent magnetic clamping force can be as high as 16Kg/cm2 theoretically, which is very strong and constant and does not decay with the extension of time.

HVR MAG HQMC quick mold change system is very easy and fast to use. Because of no moving parts inside the electro-permanent magnetic platens, they are durable, maintenance-free, and practical. The working time of each control channel is no more than 0.5 seconds, and the efficiency of clamping and unclamping is very high. PLC interface can be implemented for remote control by the microcomputer to improve the degree of automation, no heat generation, and no thermal deformation.

HVR MAG quick mold change system only uses electric energy in 1-2 seconds of the magnetizing and demagnetizing process. It can produce safe, strong, and efficient force without using any energy during the working process. It can also save the configuration of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, and accumulators in the traditional clamps, avoiding the leakage of oil and gas and the fatigue damage of clamping bolts, and the resulting unsafe hidden danger, while saving energy.

The average mold change and the clamping operation takes only 3 minutes. The average mold change and the clamping operation take only 3 minutes. The mold change time for extra-large molds is shortened from more than 2 hours to 10 minutes.

The clamping force is evenly distributed within 10mm of the contact surface between the mold and the magnetic platen so that the mold is stress-free and not deformed. This also ensures the accuracy of mold closing, greatly improves the quality consistency of injection molded parts and pressing parts, reduces mold loss, and prolongs mold life. For any tonnage injection molding machine, and weight of the mold on the pressing machine can ensure normal work.

Magnet quick mold change system saves more space because it does not use platen and other pneumatic and hydraulic parts, thus making all peripheral equipment of injection molding machine and pressing machine molds easier to maintain and operate. Prevent any damage to the back plate of the injection molding machine, and pressing machine components. No need to modify threaded holes or correct surfaces. Long-lasting value retention for injection molding machines, presses, and magnetic platens.

The operation panel instructions are easy and fast to learn. Any non-specialist can master the operation within 1 minute. An ordinary mold installer, without special skills, can stand outside the injection molding machine and press machine to change the mold easily. The replacement process of large molds can reduce 1 or 2 operators and reduce labor costs.

No need for regular replacement of spare parts. No production loss. The clamping force of the magnetic platen is evenly distributed on all contact surfaces of the mold. So there is no force “cavity” on the back of the mold, which better ensures the accuracy of mold closing, greatly reduces mold loss, and improves the service life of the mold.

The quick mold change increases the production capacity of the injection molding machine and pressing machine, At the same time, the temperature of the main parts of the injection molding machine and pressing machine is maintained, which reduces the generation of waste. No need to maintain the magnetic template of the pressing machine and the electro-permanent magnetic quick mold change system.

From our point of view, that’s how the magnetic quick mold change system has become a mainstream product for injection molding machines. The electro-permanent magnetic quick mold change system developed and produced by HVR MAG has been successfully applied in major injection molding industries, which can save more than 90% of the mold change time and greatly improve the production efficiency, so it is welcomed and praised by the injection molding industry.

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