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magnetic mold clamping system

Sandsun (Sandsun Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. ) is the Taiwan exclusive distributor that HVR signed in 2020. We have supplied magnetic platens for quick mold (die) change to Sandsun many times since our cooperation. Today I’ ll give a personal description about the collaboration with our distributor Sandsun, which may give us some hint about the plastic injection molding industry (according to our customer, plastic injection molding occupies most usage of magnetic mold clamping):
1. In terms of timing, customers tend to place orders several times in the first half of the year, and then have to place a single or two more orders near the end of the year.
There is a saying, though not so prevailing, that plastic injection molding in summer and winter differs a little bit due to the different conditions of temperature and humidity.
2. In terms of the tonnage of the magnetic mold clamping system that we provided, customers mainly order magnetic clamping systems of about 200 tons, of which the highest tonnage is 800 tons (only once), the lowest is 50 tons, and the rest are all between 130 and 250 tons.
The large number of small injection molding machines using quick mold change indicates that the injection molding industry is increasingly demanding for small orders and frequent batch conversion; at the same time, injection molding manufacturers are paying more and more attention to efficiency improvement to stand out the fierce competition.
3. Order turnover in 2021 is down a bit from 2020, and it is uncertain whether it is affected by the epidemic and the global economic downturn, or by the company development. On an international scale, due to supply chain issues resulting from Covid lockdowns, and now the war in Ukraine, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to convert orders into turnover. These days energy prices are skyrocketing and electricity suppliers are adjusting their tariffs upwards. But we as a company or a manufacturer cannot raise our prices from one day to the next. Hence, the plastic injection molding companies are striving to find a quick and efficient way to shorten their mold change cycle and improve productivity under such severe circumstances.
It is an era for making high frequency mold change with multiple patterns and small quantity batch run. As one of the earliest suppliers of magnetic quick mold change system in China, HVR MAG has built business relations with enterprises all over the world. In magnetic mold clamping field, we have cooperated with some big companies, including Sumitomo, Haitian, Yizumi, Hitachi & Fujitsu. Although the quick mold change product is not a FMCG product, but a durable product, which will affect the product’s repurchase rate. However, the injection molding industry is still emerging and still many opportunities are there. HVR is not only looking for magnetic mold clamping system distributors, but also the end users, the plastic injection molding and metal stamping manufacturers. To know more about HVR, please click:

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