Magnetic Mold Clamps on 120 Ton Haitian IMM

The latest application of HVR MAG's magnetic mold clamps, equipped on 120 ton Haitian injection molding machine, for quick mold change solution to reduce client factory's machine downtime.

LK Injection Molding Machine Quick Mold Change Clamps

Below is the latest application of our magnetic mold clamps installed on 650 ton / 850 ton / 1000 ton LK Injection Molding Machines.

120 Ton Magnetic Mold Clamping Platens on YIZUMI Injection Machine

Check HVR MAG's magnetic mold clamping plates on 120 ton YIZUMI injection molding machine for quick mold change.

Quick Mold Change Clamping System for 160 Ton Haitian Injection Molding Machine

How do you reduce or shorten your plastic injection mold changing time? HVR MAG’s new application of quick mold change clamping system installed on 160 ton Haitian injection molding machine can give you the answer.

HVR MAG's Magnetic Mold Clamping System for 600-1200 Ton IMMs

In a subsidiary factory of Nabuild (NABAI MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY), a developer and manufacturer of medical devices and parts in ZheJiang Province. Their HITIAN 600 ton, 1000 ton, 1200 ton injection molding machines, were all installed with HVR MAG's newly delivered magnetic mold clamping systems, to help ensure safety in operations and realize large reduction in mold changing time.