Magetic Mold Change for 800 Ton Injection Molding Machine

This is an application case of quick mold change for 800 ton injection molding machine. The client manufactures cooler systems, which are critical parts in automotive systems. By offering the customer our quick mold change solution, we are also very proud to take part in the energy-efficient and environmeantal-friendly production.

Quick Mold Change Clamps for 3300 Ton Automotive Injection Molding Machine

As a large auto parts manufacturing enterprise in China, our customer decided to utilize the magnetic quick mold change solution to improve its auto parts production efficiency. Quick mold change system for 3300 ton auto parts injection molding was provided by HVR MAG. 3300 ton was the largest tonnage injection molding machine in this auto parts manufacturer's work shop. When installed with our magnetic quick mold change system, the mold change time, clamping force and location accuracy have all been improved.

2400 Ton Mold Clamping System for Automotive Parts Injection Molding

In eastern China, Zhejiang Province, there is this large automotive parts manufacturing enterprise that adopted HVR 2400 ton magnetic mold clamping system this year earlier. Recently we got some feedback from them.

How HQMC magnetic mold clamps work for small tonnage plastic injection molding machines?

Today I’d like to familiarize you with the application of HQMC magnetic mold clamps for small tonnage plastic injection molding machines. The customer is from Belgium Europe, where our brand agent took the order for us. Two sets of magnetic mold clamping systems are needed for the 50 ton and 600 ton plastic injection molding machines respectively.

Magnetic Mold Clamping Solution for IMM Makes Plastic Injection Molding More Sustainable

In recent years, the theme of environmental protection has been very much in the air. The word “green”has become industry buzzword currently. Today we’re going to share HVR magnetic mold clamping solution for IMM makes plastic injection molding more sustainable. And this application also shows how magnetic QMC helps manufacturers go green.