How to Do A Quick Mold Change for 200T Haitian Injection Molding Machine?


How to do a quick mold change for your injection molding machine? Well, the following video will familiarize yourself with a brief knowledge about changing mold quickly.

The solution mentioned in this video is magnet clamping systems which ensures safety in quick mold change process. The extremely heavy mold won’t fall off to cause any personnel injury or damage to the machine, due to a misoperation or sudden power outage.

Large reduction in mold changing time
However, with an automatic clamping system, a single operator can release the clamps holding the mold on both sides at once, spearing the need of munual loosening and tightening, thus greatly reducing mold changing time. Reduction of mold changing time leads to an overall improvement in productivity.

Facilitating Mold Mounting/Dismounting Work
It is very easy to clamp and unclamp a mold by pressing a button
No need to move to the non-operation side and use a wrench or other tools.
Hard work such as fastening bolts is also reduced with quick mold change system.

Less restrictions on molds. No need for modifications to most of mold platens.

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