Magnetic Clamping System on 180 Ton TOYO Injection Molding Machine


What Does Magnetic Clamping System Consist of?

See the new installation of HVR MAG’s magnetic clamping system, which consists of 1 set of magnetic clamping plates + human-machine interface + control box, for quick mold change on 180 ton TOYO injection molding machine.

What Is Magnetic Clamping System Used for this 180 ton TOYO Injection Molding Machine?

Movable magnetic platen and the stationary one, installed at each side of the baseplate of IMM. Magnet mold clamping is much easier than conventional mold clamps, as it facilitates the mold mounting and dismounting work.

Moreover, the clamping force is more stronger and stable than that with mechanical clamps. Magnetic mold clamping also features high versatility, less restrictions on molds. No need for modifications to most of mold plates used on this TOYO injection molding machine.

Shorten your mold changing time with HVR MAG’s magnetic clamping system, which has been applied on IMMs of various brands worldwide.