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The tenth anniversary of HVR MAG

2020-06-19 1974 FOLLOW HVR MAG

HVR MAG is ten years old now since it’s establishment. On Jan.20th, the tenth anniversary which opened at the Lake view hotel, presented selected achievement and honor made over the past ten years. With the development of industry 4.0, key technology is the base of a high-tech enterprise's core productivity, the development direction of HVR MAG in the future is very clear. It wasn’t only products at the heart of industrial transformation, but also models of management, research and development, and brand promotion. The accent was on innovative approaches.

HVR MAG aim at better and faster development of the enterprises in the national economic tide nowadays. Ren Zhengsheng, The general manager of HVR MAG said: "a company must use international standards to demand itself if it wants to be bigger and stronger." All products of HVR have passed the CE certification of TUV in Germany. Export products have obtained full recognition from overseas clients.

After 10-year effort in the injection mold change industry, no matter how the external environment changes, HVR has never stopped improving itself. HVR MAG all the time insists on independent R & D and technological innovation, emphasize product quality, regard product quality as its enterprise life, and serve every customer conscientiously. HVRMAG has become a small and beautiful invisible champion through building safety with excellent technology, improving efficiency with first-class products and reducing costs with considerate service.

Company staffs thank support and trust of the new regular customers, HVR MAG will keep the good reputation as we had established well for past 10 years to continue to create an abundant profit for you.

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