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How to Purchase a Quick Mold Change System?

2022-08-10 547 FOLLOW HVR MAG

For pressing and injection molding manufacturers already know how important it is to choose a suitable quick mold change solution. But how? How to choose a quick mold change system for your presses or plastic injection molding machines? Here are the things you need to consider before purchasing quick mold change systems.

First, we’ll have to create a quick mold change team to tackle the problem together.

It should be clear who is the senior management, who is responsible for technical contact, who is responsible for accounting, who is in charge of production, who is responsible for machine operation, installation, and maintenance, etc.

Second, what kind of machine and its molds do you need to perform a quick mold change?

Analyze the specifications and related data of the machine. Some questions that should be clearly understood include:

1. What is your expected mold change time and how does it cater to your forward production needs?
2. What is the current mold change method and mold change cycle? Why doesn’t it catch up with your present production requirement?
3. How is the factory layout?
4. How many machines are involved in the whole mold change process?

5. How many molds does the machine have? What are the specifications of the molds and bolts used?

6. Regarding the mold location, shape, clamping height, and ledge depth of the clamping point, it is better to prepare drawings.

Third, analyze each step of mold change.

The steps of mold change for presses and injection molding machines are similar. The mold change includes several steps such as positioning, mold moving in, mold locking, and mold commissioning.

But this time we need to break down every small step and try to simplify the job and reduce the time spent on each step. And make sure each person involved in injection molding is clear about what he/she does and what he/she can do to improve. Then what tools or materials are needed for lean manufacturing?

Forth, procurement of materials and tools.

1. Know what quick mold change options are available on the market. Currently, there are 2 kinds of quick mold change methods: hydraulic and magnetic. There is no doubt that magnetic quick mold change is the most advanced and convenient, clean, and fast mold change nowadays in the world. But a comprehensive information gathering and comparison is still necessary. We’ve also addressed that comparison before(Click to read). Besides, consider whether to use an overhead crane lift or horizontal moving into the mold, normally based on the current layout of the plant and the budget.

2. Consider your budget and account for the cost.
3. Send an inquiry and ask for a quote.
4. Technical discussion, contract confirmation, and signature.

5. Waiting for production, shipment, and receipt of the new quick mold change.

Fifth, install and implement the new quick mold change. Don’t forget to evaluate and feedback.

Employee training by manuals, followed by installation, commission, and normal use of the new mold change system. Remember to contact the manufacturer if any problems.

So far, so much for the things you need to know before purchasing a quick mold change system. If you‘re curious about how to purchase a magnetic quick mold change system, never hesitate to contact HVR MAG for more information. Or send your inquiry to export@hvrmagnet.com

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