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Magnetic quick mold change system won the " Ringier Technology Innovation Award” of plastics industry

2020-06-19 1480 FOLLOW HVR MAG

The "2018 plastic industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Award", which has been concerned by the industry, was announced on the evening of March 7 at the Baohua marriott hotel in Shanghai. The senior panel of experts from industry associations and research institutions independent review and pass the resolution, in the end, this annual industry award was awarded to 35 innovative products from well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, in recognition of its contribution to the development of China's plastics industry.

The meeting gathered experts from raw materials, mechanical equipment, mold parts, plastic products, end user enterprises, etc. There was provided "supply and demand matching exchange zone" , and the award ceremony of "plastic industry technology innovation awards" was held in the same period.

The magnetic quick mold change system developed and produced by HVR MAG is awarded the "2018 plastic industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Award”. At this award ceremony, HVR MAG introduced the magnetic quick mold changing system to the industry, and helped the plastics industry 4.0!

(General Manager of HVR MAG----Davisn Ren)

The magnetic quick mold change system is a new method for the manufacturing which have high frequency change mold and mass production .The traditional way to change mold can not meet the current manufacturing demand, before apply the magnetic quick mold change system, it will spend 2-3 hours to change a mold, and need 2-3 workers to operate. But the magnetic quick mold change system only takes 1-3 minutes to finish a mold change, one worker can operate this system, saving the time and labor cost, become one of core competence of enterprise.

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