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HVR MAG's Magnet Clamping System for 40 Ton Vertical Injection Molding Machine

2021-06-11 838 FOLLOW HVR MAG

Our magnet clamping system, is not only suitable for horizontal injection molding machine, but also the vertical type machine, to reduce their mold changeover time.

What's different is that, this magnet clamping system for mold change on a 40 ton vertical injection molding machine, includes 2 fixed magnetic mold clamping plates mounted on the rotary table, and one movable magnet plate on the injection part, 3 magnetic plates in total.

This magnetic clamping system, works as mold holding/clamping device during the injection molding process; on the other hand, it spares the trouble of mechanical fixing to unload the mold or reset a new one, and helps facilitate the quick change of mold.

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