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Rotary Magnetic Mold Clamping Plate for 850 Ton Double Color IMM

2021-06-29 1148 FOLLOW HVR MAG

Below is the new shipment of HVR MAG's magnetic clamping solution for plastic injection molding. 850 ton double color injection molding machine mold clamp - rotary magnetic platen for quick mold change.

Rotary magnetic platen requires a special adaptation to common magnetic clamping system to deliver the same benefits as on traditional injection molding machines. HVR MAG has developed a range of quick mold change solutions which exceed industry guidelines in safety and usability.

Custom designed 180 degree rotary magnetic platen installed on a twin injection unit machine, for clean & fast changing of movable mold. Other than that, we can also engineer magnetic mold clamp plate for vertical injection molding machines and double color imm, according to the technical specification of IMMs.

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