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Quick mould change systems: How to improve your plastic injection moulding productivity

2022-05-12 914 FOLLOW HVR MAG

Don’t we want to improve the fertility of our company? It is significant to increase factory productivity to stay ahead of your competitors in plastic injection moulding. Specific goals in injection moulding are to optimize the run size, scrap reduction, reduce setup times and preventive maintenance of the injection mould machine.

Shorter setup times are not easy to achieve by buying an expensive injection moulding machine. Speed up the changeover time of moulds is vital. Quick mould change systems offer you the most incredible wins: not only will quick mould change systems decrease your production time, but plastic injection moulding will also become a safer process.

Contact our engineers to determine whether a quick mould change system is suitable for you.

Quick mould change systems

Quick mould change systems specialize in changing the die with high speed, precision and security in the plastic injection machine. Rapid mould change systems offer a complete solution to fixing, moving, and changing the die during production. The more you can automate your injection moulding productivity, the higher benefits you will get. Quick mould change systems allow you to fasten the complete mould change process. Rapid mould change systems have direct and indirect benefits.

The benefits of quick mould change systems

With HVR quick mould change systems, you will save time and money.

High efficiency -fast production

The mould change over time can be immensely reduced-from hours to minutes. With the short changeover time, a significant quantity of moulds can be produced in a limited time, thus increasing possible revenue and profit margins.

Lower labour costs

Labour costs are relatively low in plastic injection moulding compared to other types of moulding. Producing the parts helps with its cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Low maintenance

Traditional mould change systems may cost less initially. In reality, they may require substantial investments in maintenance. Magnets don’t require hydraulics, which may be attractive from a maintenance standpoint.

Optimize operator safety and create a good working environment

The electro-permanent magnet uses electricity to energize and to de-energize. During the rest of the time, it doesn’t require any current. Even in a power outage, they can keep a strong magnetic force to hold the workpieces.

The entire production process can be easy with the proper expertise, so if you’d like more information on our quick mould change system, request q quote from us today. For additional information, please contact us.

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