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HVR MAG & Haitian Factory - Cooperation on Quick Mold Change System

2021-11-02 918 FOLLOW HVR MAG

A new way of cooperation between HVR MAG and Haitian Factory: our magnetic quick mold change system, installed on a brand-new 800 ton Haitian injection molding machine, along with the machine to be delivered to its end user in Brazil.

Previously, our quick mold change system was configured on Haitian injection molding machines in various plastic manufacturing factory. But this time, we established a unique partnership with one of Haitian's domestic subsidiaries, which is bound to be a win-win decision to the end user.

How come? For large and modern plastic manufacturing factories, frequent mold change is necessary and how to speed up mold changeover is vital to improve their overall manufacturing efficiency.

With HVR MAG's quick mold change system installed, the client's able to:
In the meantime, having the mold clamping system configured on the machine before shipment, also saves a lot on the shipping freight, and spares the trouble of installation on their own site.

HVR MAG has distributors of our magnetic quick mold change system in Europe and Brazil respectively, and is continually looking for agent worldwide. Contact us if interested.

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