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HVR quick mold change system makes a difference in your work

2022-05-23 952 FOLLOW HVR MAG
With the increasing competition in the market, plastic products are being renewed more and more quickly, with more and more coexisting varieties, the production of multiple varieties, small and medium batches and mixed flow just-in-time production is becoming mainstream. Injection molding is the most versatile way to produce parts and products. It's fast, works with a variety of plastics, and can result in a prototype or final product that is both durable and highly detailed. But the process is complex and riddled with challenges. HVR has a perfect solution to help you optimize the productivity of your injection molding machine.

The quick mold change system uses an electro-permanent magnet platen as a fixed plates and moving plate. It just by simple actions of magnetization and demagnetization, which will fix & change the mold within 3 minutes. The injection molding machine with a magnetic plate improved mold change time to 3 minutes without changing the original structure, that's practical and convenient.

What's the difference an electro-permanent magnetic quick mold change system can make?

1. High production efficiency. With a manual clamping system, workers must loosen and tighten bolts one by one. However, with an automatic clamping system, a single operator can release the clamps holding the mold on both sides at once, reducing changing time. When there is an urgent need to repair a mold, the automatic clamping system can reduce downtime by allowing faster dismounting and remounting of the mold. Finally, it leads to an overall improvement in productivity.

2. Lower cost. The electro-permanent magnetic quick mold change system is durable, and this application can reduce the wear rate of a mold guide bush, failure of an ejector pin, and so on, so you neednt worry about the repair cost. Moreover, automated operations reduce labor expenses, and all molds can be changed without any modification allowing for the use of a standardized die and press equipment, which also can save costs.

3. Improvement of safety. The design of a quick mold change system has a full of consideration of safety. There have eight safe measures for a smooth operation, which are indicated as follows:

Ø Mold Closeness Detection

Ø Magnetic Flux Detection

Ø Temperature Detection

Ø Pulse Current Value Detection

Ø Mold Dislocation Detection

Ø Distance Detection

Ø Interlock Control System

Ø State-Switching Key Design

In addition, magnetic force remains permanently after magnetization, so it can continue to work even in the condition of power off.

The quick mold change system of HVR is suitable for 50-4000ton injection molding machines. It is also commonly used in the processes of machining the shell parts in appliance industries, electronic industries, and automobile industries. HVR is devoted to helping manufacturers streamline and automate their manufacturing processes to support JIT(just in time) production. Our industry experience ranges from automotive and industrial machinery to appliances and consumer goods. Call us today and see if we can help! (export@hvrmagnet.com)

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