How HQMC magnetic mold clamps work for small tonnage plastic injection molding machines?

Today I’d like to familiarize you with the application of HQMC magnetic mold clamps for small tonnage plastic injection molding machines. The customer is from Belgium Europe, where our brand agent took the order for us. Two sets of magnetic mold clamping systems are needed for the 50 ton and 600 ton plastic injection molding machines respectively. 
Before using HVR HQMC magnetic mold clamps, the customer used hydraulic mold clamping systems to produce daily necessities such as pots, bowls and bottles, caps, etc. After many years of usage, the hydraulic clamping systems were too old and unclean. Sometimes oil leakage happened. Since they had used the advanced mold loading cart, the mold change cycle only takes half an hour, which is not so long. 
After using HVR HQMC magnetic mold clamps for their 2 small tonnage plastic injection molding machines, the customer said, it surprised them by reducing the mold change time to just a few minutes, which they didn’t expect at first. The workers saved much more time and energy after the mold was located in position. What’s more, the working space and environment became cleaner, which catered to their expectations exactly. Now half a year has passed, and our customer reflected us that no problem occurred since the installation of our HQMC magnetic quick mold change systems. The strong and uniform magnetic clamping force over the mold back made them rest assured. 
Choosing a manufacturing partner like HVR MAG, which is well-versed in permanent electromagnets, can mean the difference between high-quality magnetic platens for quick mold change—produced on time and within budget -- and the traditional mechanical or hydraulic mold change solutions. Click here to know more: Or e-mail us your specific inquiries at: