Magnetic Mold Clamp for Electronics Plastic Injection Molding


Injection molding plays a major part in electronic component manufacturing. Today’s application case will tell us how the electronics manufacturer adopts magnetic mold clamp and improve their efficiency and productivity.

This customer, from South China, specializes in professional LED product production and design. They need to manufacture electronic components for LED products. They have plastic injection molding machines, with tonnages ranging from 50 tons to 200 tons.

Early in this year, the customer wanted to update the technology and equipment, and eliminate the inefficient mechanical mold change method. After learning about SMED quick mold change system, the customer compared hydraulic and magnetic quick mold change. They decided to choose magnetic quick mold change. After comparing several large domestic manufacturers of magnetic clamping equipment, they finally decided to purchase the magnetic mold clamping solution from HVR MAG.

From the pictures shot on site, and their installation and trial molding workers, the magnetic mold clamping system reduces the mold change cycle significantly. What’s more, they told us before receipt and installation of our magnetic platens, they didn’t expect that the platens were so electricity energy-saving. They rest assured.

Workers lift the molds from overhead, and put them out and in. During lifting, one worker cleans the magnetic platens. After putting the mold in, the worker should make sure the mold was in the correct position. And by operating the interface panel, the magnetic platens are magnetized. So the mold is clamped tightly. Since the tonnage of the injection molding machine is not big, the whole mold change cycle takes only about 5~10 minutes, and 1~2 workers.

One more thing, electronic products usually require high cleanliness, our magnetic mold clamping system best fits this point.

For electronic plastic injection molding manufacturers, if you ask for high-quality production, then HVR MAG magnetic mold clamp can be your optimal choice.