2400 Ton Mold Clamping System for Automotive Parts Injection Molding


In eastern China, Zhejiang Province, there is this large automotive parts manufacturing enterprise with a registered capital of 120 million yuan. It adopted HVR 2400 ton magnetic mold clamping system for automotive parts injection molding machine this year earlier. Recently our colleague went there on a business trip and also contacted the customer to do a return visit, and we got some feedback as follows:
1.Customer said the magnetic quick mold change cycle has been reduced compared with hydraulic quick mold change.
2.After the workers became familiar with the new magnetic clamping system, they felt more and more confident and are now used to it.
3.In the last few months of frequent use, both the magnetic quick mold change system and the equipment have been basically problem-free.
4.For auto parts manufacturing and large tonnage injection molding, our customer felt that applying such a magnetic quick mold change solution was the best. Because 1st, worker labor efficiency has increased and labor costs have been reduced; 2nd, the workshop became cleaner; and 3rd, the production efficiency improved;

One more advantage of the magnetic quick mold change system that our customer did not mention and we are putting it here: starting with a single injection molding machine to reduce mold change time is only the first step. As the quick mold change process is carried out throughout the shop, the economies of scale and investment reporting will only become more apparent. Not only does it help the factory achieve SMED (single-minute-exchange-of-die) and JIT (just-in-time) production processes, but it also helps with the improvement of shop floor planning layouts.
If you are in need of quick mold clamping system, whether it is for automotive parts, daily ware, home appliance injection molding or for metal stamping press, HVR can offer you un-compromising quality products and services. Please contact us at: export@hvrmagnet.com