1500T magnetic clamping system installed on tederic injection machine

2020-05-12 2020 FOLLOW HVR MACHINERY

HVR MAG 1500T magnetic mold clamping system are succeed installed on Tederic injection molding machine, Harrison Manufacturing.

Harrison Manufacturing (HM) is a custom manufacturing company specializing in molded plastics and light assembly. Established in 2005, HM is family-owned and operated. HM is located in in the southeastern United States. Harrison main product is automotive (interior trim, safety belt systems, seat systems), and consumer products.

The worker told us the productivity is improved by our magnetic clamping system. Mold change time can be immensely reduced – from hours to minutes. Safety improved, the molds are under control and roll smoothly in and out of the injection mold machine during the mold change, and with automated systems, if the mold is not clamped properly, the injection molding machine simply will not operate. They will continue focus on magnetic clamping system.