Are Magnetic Quick Mold Change Systems Recyclable?

magnetic platen of magnetic quick mold change system

In the fast-paced world of injection molding, efficiency and productivity are key factors for success. Magnetic quick mold change systems have emerged as a cutting-edge solution to streamline the mold changing process and enhance overall production capabilities. However, as the industry continues to emphasize sustainability and responsible waste management, a crucial question arises: Are magnetic quick mold change systems recyclable?

Introduction to Magnetic Quick Mold Change Systems

The magnetic quick mold change system is an electro-mechanical integration designed specifically for rapid mold changeovers in injection molding machines and other industries that require the quick fixation, clamping, and replacement of magnetic molds. The system’s controller is engineered with a focus on safety and user-friendly operation, interlocking the control signals of the injection molding machine to the electromagnetic controller. In the event of an anomaly, such as an alarm detected by the quick mold change system, automatic operation of the injection molding machine is promptly halted.

The system incorporates features such as mold distance detection, temperature monitoring, mold misalignment detection, and magnetic flux detection. By utilizing different characteristics of various permanent magnetic materials, the electromagnetic controller generates instantaneous current pulses (pulse duration less than 2 seconds) to control and convert the distribution of the internal magnetic circuit, maintaining the magnetic field balance within the system. This manifests externally as a demagnetized relaxed state or magnetized clamped state.

Recycling of Magnetic Quick Mold Change Systemselectrical control box of magnetic quick mold change system

As with any industrial equipment, these systems will eventually reach the end of their operational lifespan and require disposal. It is essential to adhere to local regulations and guidelines for the proper handling and disposal of scrap materials. Fortunately, certain components of the system can be recycled to recover their residual value:

Machine Frame and Electromagnetic Casing: Carbon steel components like the frame and electromagnetic casing can be recycled as scrap iron.

Electromagnetic Coils: The copper coils within the system can be reclaimed as scrap copper.

Magnetic Materials: Specialized recycling facilities can handle the recycling and processing of the magnetic materials used in the system.


By implementing responsible recycling practices, companies can not only adhere to environmental standards but also contribute to the sustainable management of resources within the injection molding industry. Proper recycling of magnetic quick mold change systems ensures that valuable materials are recovered and reused, reducing the impact on the environment and promoting a circular economy mindset within the manufacturing sector. For more information, please contact HVR MAG at

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